Should your skincare routine change with the seasons?

Should your skincare routine change with the seasons?

Simple answer—yes!  As the seasons change, so does the climate.  And if you want your skincare to be the most effective, then you will want to consider switching up your products.  With Summer in full swing, we’re getting that “glow” from the humidity-inducing shine thanks to the warmer temperatures and moisture in the air.  Whereas in the Fall, temps are cooler and you can say goodbye to the higher moisture levels and dewy skin. 

That being said, there are ways to make up for the increase or lack of moisture in our skincare.  So let’s find out how to get the most out of our skincare routines—and care for our skin during a seasonal change!

Let's start with the first step to any routine-your cleanser!

This is one of the first things you’ll want to consider because cleansers range from mild and lightweight to potent and exfoliating.  It helps to be “in-tune” with your skin and watch how it reacts to warm vs. colder weather.  If you’re transitioning your skincare routine for Spring and Summer, you might want to move away from creamy and occlusive ingredients to lightweight and breathable formulas, such as a gel cleanser.  Going into Fall and Winter, you may want to look for formulas in the form of cream instead of gel to get more hydrating ingredients.

FaceReailty Mandelic Cleanser

FaceReailty Acne Wash Cleanser

Another important change to consider is your moisturizer

In the heat of Summertime-like we are in now-you’ll want to combat the shiny skin with more lightweight ingredients that calm and hydrate the skin and kill bacteria at the same time.  Because you know-sweat!

If you’re going from Summer into Fall and Winter, then you’ll want to combat dry and flaky skin with a heavier moisturizer to create a barrier over your skin.  Once the air becomes drier the skin needs a heavier moisturizer to protect it.

FaceReailty Clearderma Moisturizer

FaceReailty Cran-peptide Moisturizer

Glymed Ultra Hydro Gel

Add in the Antioxidants and Peptides

In the Summer it’s important to protect our skin from the elements.  This includes sun exposure, free radicals, inflammation, chemicals and lifestyle imbalances.  Consider incorporating antioxidant-rich serums into your skincare routine such as vitamin C, CBD, tyrosinase inhibitors, and botanicals.  These ingredients will also be helpful going into the Fall and Winter to help brighten the skin and combat pigmentation from the summer sun.

FaceReailty Antioxidant Serum

Glymed Professional CBD Booster

Next Up-Exfoliation

As we change our skin care routines with the seasons-what you may have found to be a common thread is HYDRATION.  Well, did you know that with better exfoliation comes better hydration?  As your skin gets drier going into the Fall and Winter, you may only be able to tolerate “actives” a few nights a week.  For the days you are not using an active, add in a gentle physical exfoliation at night, instead. This will help remove that top layer of dead, dry skin and allow better moisturizing benefits as you sleep.  This will help make your Fall and Winter skin as soft and plump as it was in the summer!

Facereality 8% Mandelic Serum

FaceReailty Antioxidant Scrub

Lastly, Book An Appointment With Me!

Getting help and advice from a skincare professional is one of the best things you can do for your skin.  When you consult with an esthetician like myself, you will have the time to ask any questions and receive answers and advice based on their professional expertise.  We will be able to teach you how to care for your skin and how to choose skin care products appropriate for your skin type/concerns/and climate.

With professional skin care, you have a better ability to maintain a healthy skincare routine and we can change products with the change of seasons.  Not only do regular visits to an esthetician help, but having a skin care regimen full of important vitamins, antioxidants, and other unique serums helps treat acne, fine lines and wrinkles, texture and pigmentation.  Combining professional treatments with professional skin care products will help yield the ultimate results you’re looking for, and make you feel fresh and new!

Hope you enjoyed!

Kelsey Rae

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