Why Having Acne Usually Leads to Better Skin Later On?

No, you didn’t read the title wrong! Lets take a different approach to how you see your acne. Having worked with acne clients for a while now, I’ve seen first hand how those who struggle with acne at a young age puts them in a position for better skin later on because they make their skin a priority and take care of it daily!

When you begin developing acne, even very mildly, it makes you pause and ask yourself, “Why is this happening?” It causes you to take action instead of ignoring it, because if you do ignore it, it will just get worse. Suddenly you stop and think of what could be causing it, what your eating, what your daily habits are, etc.

Those struggle with acne feel more pressure to get help either through a dermatologist or an esthetician. And this is where the good habits can start forming! Because if you end up following their advice and getting the help you need then you usually end up sticking to a routine and are more consistent with better habits.

Good Habits Ae The Key To Success (or clear skin in this case)

When you finally get the help you need you start to develop good habits. These habits could be:
1. reading ingredients to make sure they are acne-safe (have link here to acne-safe ingredient list on website)
2. having an AM and PM routine that you stick with consistently
3. getting treatments more often
4. getting more sleep
5. eating healthier.

So, the take away here is that dealing with acne right now is not fun and can make you self-conscious. However, take it as a warning sign; your body telling you something is amiss. When you tackle this issue head-on it usually makes you develop good habits that can last throughout your lifetime and put you on the road to success and clear and beautiful skin for the future!

—Kelsey Givens, Licensed Esthetician and Acne Specialist & Found of MyAcneCoach

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