Skincare Ingredients You Should be Using in 2022

Skincare Ingredients You Should be Using in 2022

Happy New Year!  Isn’t it always so nice to start a new year and hit that restart button? Regardless if you have new year fitness goals or lifestyle goals or perhaps no goals at all, its nice to start fresh. 
However, when it comes to New Years resolution have you given much thought to your skincare? Maybe not, but I certainly have which is why I wrote this blog for you!  With trends coming and going in skincare, sometimes its hard to keep track of everything and can be a bit overwhelming. So I decided to simplify things and tell you which ingredients you should be using in 2022!

1. Peptides

Peptides are amazing and one of the best ingredients in the field of anti-aging skincare.  Peptides deliver remarkable benefits, revitalizing your skin and making it more resilient and stronger.  Peptides are short chains of amino acids that act as building blocks of proteins such as collagen, elastin and keratin, all which are responsible for texture, strength and resilience in the skin. Without peptides, our skin will have a loss of firmness, more appearances of wrinkles, a dull, flat texture and less bounce.  When peptides are applied to the skin, they act as little messengers, triggering your skin cells to perform specific functions such as building collagen and elastin and encouraging skin to look and act younger.  This is why peptides should be included in your everyday arsenal of skincare ingredients!


Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen production, this ultra light serum is packed with healing, hydrating and repairing ingredients for healthy skin.

Nourish the skin with a premier blend of CBD, Vitamin B3, and peptides to instantly enhance the skin’s natural glow.

2. Kojic Acid

Kojic’s acid primary use and benefits is to lighten sun damage, age spots and acne scars. These results will have an anti-aging and overall brightening effect on the skin.  In addition to skin-brightening effects, kojic acid also contains antimicrobial properties, therefore, it can help treat acne caused by bacteria in the skin while also fading scars from acne that haven’t faded yet.

Kojic Acid can be found in all of our acne treatments.

3. Ceramides

Ceramides are made up of long-chain fatty acids that link with other important molecules to promote cellular function.  Ceramides also help create a barrier to prevent permeability so that it locks moisture into your skin, preventing dryness and irritation. They will also protect your epidermis from environmental damage, which over time will result in anti-aging effects such as reduced fine lines and wrinkles, which are often more noticeable when skin is dry and lacking moisture. So, in summary, ceramides act as the skin’s natural moisturizer, preserving the skin by creating a protective layer that helps prevent the loss of moisture and shields the skin from environmental aggressors.

Ceramides can be found in these products: FaceReailty HydrabalancecleardermaCran-peptide moisturizerDaily SPF 30 and Ultimate SPF 28.

Facereality Clearderma

Facereality Cran-Peptide Cream

Facereality Ultimate SPF 28

Facereality Daily SPF 30

4. Cellulose Beads to Exfoliate

The perfect natural alternative to plastic microbeads!  Because exfoliating scrubs are critical to removing dead skin cells and encouraging new collagen production (the foundation of healthy skin).  There are many other cheaper, biodegradable alternatives already out there such as: jojoba beads, apricot kernels, and ground up nutshells…but these can be irritating due of their lack of uniformity as well as sharp edges that can irritate your skin!  Therefore, the perfect solution is cellulose.  This material that forms the tough fibers found in wood and plants is perfectly biodegradable and a renewable alternative to plastic. These eco-friendly microbeads are robust enough to remain stable in a face scrub or body wash but can be broken down by organisms at wastewater treatment facilities.  So if your a little on the greener-side of thinking then you can has a clear conscious about using the beads as well as clear skin. 

Cellulose beads can be found in these products: Antioxidant Scrub, Mandelic Scrub (password protected on shop), Acne Face and Body Scrub (password protected on shop).

5. CBD Skincare

CBD is everywhere these days!  CBD, unlike its sister compound THC, doesn’t have psychoactive effects.  Therefore, your CBD skincare wont make you high (I know, bummer right? Haha just kidding!) So, how exactly is CBD skincare beneficial? Well, CBD is an incredibly effective ingredient in skin care because it is a powerful antioxidant providing anti-inflammatory benefits.  Something we do know about CBD in general is that it bring your body back to homeostasis.  And in skincare, it is known to regulate oil production and have an anti-inflammatory effect on sebocytes, the skin cells that produce sebum.  It also helps to reduce inflammation caused by swelling, pain, and redness from existing breakouts, or irritation from other skin conditions  like eczema and psoriasis. And last but not least, CBD in skincare is known to be very hydrating, making it great for dry, dehydrated skin.

Glymed CBD Booster

CBD Booster is a vitamin-rich serum that is easily added to any homecare system. Versatile, lightweight, and perfect to use before any additional serums and moisturizers.

Professional CBD-B3 Facial Mist

Infused with CBD and Vitamin B3, this mist is used to assist in balancing freshly cleansed skin for a radiant complexion. 

CBD Regenerative Eye Cream

This moisture-rich eye cream is the ideal touch to balance the delicate skin under the eyes. Its lightweight texture allows for fast absorption and sits beautifully under makeup.

CBD-Micro Silver Miracle

This combination of CBD, Micro Silver, and peptides is ideal for ultra-sensitive skin. Gentle but effective, Micro Silver helps reduce bacteria to support the skin’s natural flora while delicate Peptides firm and tighten the skin.

6. Sun Protection

And no, the SPF in your makeup is never enough. From now on, I want you think of SPF as your best anti-aging skincare product.  Hmm, that probably blows your mind a little bit doesn’t it?  In general, people usually slather on sunscreen for outdoor activities, but there is another benefit: It helps reduce signs of skin aging.  Sun exposure depletes collagen, which by now most of us know is what keeps our skin smooth and firm. It can also dilate blood vessels, giving your skin a red appearance, while also causes the brown pigment in the skin to be more pronounced, making your skin look blotchy. Applying sunscreen regularly to protect your skin from sun damage is important.  Enjoy the sun but not too much of it and always with SPF!

SPF can be found in these products: Ultimate SPF 28 and Daily SPF 30.

Final Thoughts

Just think you guys…if you start now with a great skincare routine, then by New Years THIS year you could have the skin you’ve been dreaming of having! 
So don’t put it off any longer, you aren’t getting any younger….but you could look like you are 😉
Prioritize your skin-health this year and through a licensed esthetician (like myself) and get yourself on a customized skincare routine you can commit to!
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