How Do Pimple Patches Work To Improve Acne?

How Do Pimple Patches Work To Improve Acne?

Hi there, friends! My name is Kelsey Rae, lead Medical Aesthetician and owner of Raederma Med Spa & Acne Clinics, MyAcneCoach and EZAcne. Throughout my years of experience in treating various skin conditions, we have successfully helped thousands of clients both in-clinic and online clear their acne. One of the questions I get asked all the time is “how do pimple patches work to improve my acne,” “are they actually helping,” or “do pimple patches really work?” 

The short answer is, yes, acne patches do work to help heal your acne faster. There are various ways they help to heal the skin, which we address here. After talking to many of my clients about these various questions, we decided to make our own brand that helps solve a lot of the current challenges of some of the pimple patches on the market. We selected better naturally occurring polymers for our hydrocolloid acne patches to help improve adhesion and to extract as much gunk as possible while you wear them.

EZAcne pimple patches are tested in our med spa locations after treatments to ensure effectiveness of our products. Our patches are made of medical-grade hydrocolloid, a fluid-absorbing gel that gently sucks the gunk out of your pimple — providing an excellent healing environment.

In this post, we address many of the questions we get on acne patches, the benefits of acne patches, how they work and more about our EZAcne brand Pimple Patches.

How Do Pimple Patches Work?

At their most basic, pimple patches are wound care. There are two basic categories of patches: traditional patches that work by covering and protecting the lesion with a hydrocolloid membrane, and those that have additional ingredients or technology such as microneedles or topical treatments like salicylic acid.

Hydrocolloid is really used in wound care. It can seal over broken skin or something wet and draw the fluid out.  In the case of a pimple, it draws out the sebum or pus out of the pimples and encourages faster healing.

Pimple Patches with added ingredients can help by additionally speeding the exfoliation process, which clears away dead skin and sebum, revealing healthier skin underneath. While the added ingredients are useful, the most important functionality is protecting the pimple from you picking at it.

Everyone picks. One of the best features of wearing pimple patches, whether it has active ingredients or not, is that every time you go to touch that pimple, it’s protected from your own hands and the bacteria that you might have under your nails or anything that might make it flare up.

How Effective Are Pimple Patches?

Studies have revealed that popped pimples healed faster using hydrocolloid patches than those that healed without.

While hydrocolloid patches alone aren’t adding any drying agents to the skin, they are creating an atmosphere of healing. If clients have had success with other topical solutions, they can also apply those before using a hydrocolloid acne patch.

If you plan to apply a topical treatment underneath an acne patch, the occlusive nature of the patch is likely to help that treatment penetrate deeper and more intensely. This is fine as long as the topical treatment isn’t irritating to the skin. However, if the topical treatment is a retinoid, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide, it could potentially lead to inflammation and irritation of the normal skin.

When to Use a Pimple Patch?

The best time to start using a pimple patch is when you first start to see a pimple form. 

Even if the pimple is fully formed, though, there are still benefits to using a patch. The less that you touch the affected area, the faster it will heal. In addition, it will help draw out the pus and pil from the pimple that it’s covering. Even if you’ve already popped the pimple, covering it with one of our EZAcne pimple patches is a good idea.

EZAcne | Pimple Patches

Do Acne Patches Work on All Types of Acne?

Pimple patches are most effective on:

  • Small, pus-filled bumps just popping up
  • Whiteheads where the head has just formed
  • Just after the pimple has popped
  • Mild, superficial breakouts

Our pimple patches may not help with the following types of skin conditions and you may need other skin topicals to help heal these types of acne:

  • Cystic acne
  • Deeper lesions
  • Blackheads
  • Allergy or sensitivity to adhesives or medicated ingredients in the patches

If you do experience these types of conditions, you may be better off making an appointment with us online or in-clinic so we can suggest more effective alternatives and other appropriate treatments. If you struggle with more severe or cystic acne, it’s best to book online with us so we can help treat your face holistically and determine the root cause for your breakouts.

While they may not be suitable for all skin conditions, acne patches are worth considering and a great solution for many of our clients. Fortunately, pimple patches can act as a great line of defense.

What Is a Hydrocolloid Acne Patch Made Of?

It can be made of different materials, including polyurethane or a naturally occuring starch polymer film. The patch often has an outer layer that protects the skin from bacteria or infection. The inner layer can absorb any fluid that leaks from a pimple, such as pus or discharge.

The moisture from the hydrocolloid gel promotes healing and protects your skin from infection at the same time.

Why Buy EZAcne Pimple Patches?

After hearing countless stories about all the different pimple patches on the market, we decided to create our own brand from the feedback we received from thousands of real clients using other patches. We believe we have created an all around solid pimple patch with EZAcne patches that many clients will benefit from using. 

Key Benefits:

  • Made from naturally occuring starch polymer film
  • Extracts pimple gunk. Pulls out pus and traps it in the patch
  • Blocks bacteria. Keeps your zit covered and protected
  • Helps prevent acne scars. Shields against picking and popping
  • Shows it’s working. Turns white as it absorbs pimple pus and oil
  • Optimal wound healing environment. Shrinks inflammation and redness

EZAcne | Pimple Patches

Acne is a frustrating skin condition, but we treat it often at our clinics. By keeping your skin clean, avoiding oily and heavy products, maintaining a healthy diet, and practicing good hygiene habits, you can get rid of and successfully manage acne and have clear skin! If you’re struggling with more severe acne, reach out to us online. We help in person and virtual clients regularly overcome their acne concerns. Together, we can develop an affordable personalized treatment plan that works for you. 

I hope you enjoyed these helpful skin tips on pimple patches! If you are someone who struggles with this issue, then try incorporating these tips into your daily routine! 

I look forward to seeing your faces in my treatment room or virtually online soon.

Kelsey Rae – Founder