Why Wont My Acne Go Away?

Why Wont My Acne Go Away?

If you are struggling with acne then you know how frustrating it can be. Sometimes it seems like nothing you do helps and it just wont go away! You’ve tried every product at the store, gave up drinking soda, washed your face after working out, or maybe even visited a dermatologist. If you still have acne after trying these things—don’t despair, we have some great tips for you to help you achieve your clear skin goals.

Things You Can Do Today to Start Clearing Your Acne

1. Visit an esthetician-especially one who is specialized in acne! Visiting someone who is properly and professionally trained can create a treatment plan specifically for you skin and acne type. Most drugstore products are not effective, so stop throwing your money away and go see an Esthetician, especially if you’d like to treat it holistically without prescription drugs from a dermatologist.

2. Give your new treatment plan at least 90 days. Because it can take roughly 90 days for acne to form, you may possibly have 90 days of acne that will continue to surface. So be patient with your new routine!

3. Follow the directions they give you exactly! It may seem like a treatment plan can be straightforward, however how often you do your routine and how much of the products you’re using will make a huge difference. If your esthetician created a treatment plan, follow their instructions and use everything they told you included in the treatment plan.

4. Do NOT pop, pick, or touch your pimples! I know it can be tempting to pop your pimples, but don’t do it because it could make things worse.

With today’s acne treatments and treatment plans, most cases of acne mild to severe can be cleared. Making the decision to see an Esthetician could be the best choice so that they can tailor a treatment plan to your unique needs.
Now that you know these steps can help clear acne, what changes are you going to make?

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