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Jasmine R.
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This past year I’ve dealt with the worst acne ever in my 24 years of living. I’ve tried absolutely everything one could possibly think of, and finally I found someone who takes AMAZING care of my skin! Thanks to Kelsey I’ve been able to feel like myself again and slowly getting my confidence back up
Mai N.
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Each appointment with Kelsey felt like meeting up with a friend. She was very patient and answered any questions and concerns I had. Thank you so much Kelsey! I look forward to our monthly appointments!
Courtney S.
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Kelsey is incredible! My skin looks and feels great. I get so many compliments on how good my skin looks. So thankful to have found Rae Derma Clinics!
Brooke C.
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Kelsey is very personable and her treatment sessions are very relaxing and thorough. Kelsey is also excellent at giving diet tips and skincare routine tips when asked. She always makes sure to ask how I am doing. This treatment has taken my skin from being full of painful cystic acne to smooth with just a few breakouts noticeable.
Olivia M.
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Kelsey is amazing! She always makes me feel comfortable and listens to my concerns. She has helped me clear my skin and feel confident in myself.
Natosha G.
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Wonderful, my skin has really improved because of Kelsey, I really appreciate her help! She is also a joy to be around! Highly recommend her!
Alicia C.
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Kelsey has done an incredible job with my treatments. She takes her time and does a thorough job leaving me feeling confident and my skin feeling happy and clear.
Jennifer C.
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Great service, friendly and attentive to how you are feeling through out the treatment. The treatments are as painless as they could possibly be considering acne and skin sensitivity. Leaves skin feeling and looking better with each treatment, restoring my self esteem.

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Robby's Story

Robby came to Rae Derma with severe inflamed and non-inflamed acne. We adjusted his home care routine over time to best fit his personalized skin needs. It took being consistent with his in-clinic treatment and following our recommended diet and lifestyle adjustments. This has resulted in Robby achieving his goal of having clear and healthy skin!